Ring video doorbell 2 - Motion detection works only 1 way


I have a peculair problem. My camera detects motion only If someone leaves the house. It does not detect the motion when someone walks towards the house. I do not get any notification when delivery guys drop package in front of the house. Nor is this event logged. But whenever I leave my house, the motion is detected and captured. Tried changing angles, height etc of installation.

Any thoughts?

Hey @newringuser1981. Have you tried testing your device to see if you can trigger it when you walk up to the device (as if you were the delivery driver)? It seems like you may need to adjust your Motion Frequency and your Motion Zone settings so change how often the device is set to record, as well as ensuring your sensitivity is aligned with where it needs to be, as the device seems to not be triggered unless someone is close. You may need to increase your sensitivity to see if you can get this addressed! Let me know what your tests seem to show when you try to replicate the event, and if adjusting your settings seems to help! :slight_smile:

Hi @chelsea_ring, If I am very close to the doorbell (like less than 1 ft away, it triggers the sensor. Else it does not work. I have stairs leading upto the house and I have used the downward inclined bracket. I tried fixing the doorbell lower as well, but cant seem to fix the issue.

Some outlooks are challenging for all such cameras. I would start with everything set to max range/sensitivity, and dial back from there.

A doorbell at the top of a flight of stairs can be a real issue, and I see you have tried a epwedge to point the cam downwards. You may need to point it down further. Without seeing the doorbells view point it’s difficult to advise.

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