Ring USB powered?

Is it possible to install my Ring 2nd generation hardwired and powered through the USB port? I don’t have an old chime to use but I can create a USB plug to make it fixed on my wall so there is no need to remove it to charge the battery.

If you are looking to run a USB cable to do this it would be easier to get a transformer and wiring installed and use a hard wired ring.

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But if I run a USB cable it would work?

No idea I’m afraid. Its not designed to be used this way. Would it work, I don’t know. You are 100% better off getting a transformer in and hardwired doorbell. 30 mins work for a good electrician.

I don´t have a lot of space to put the transformer, USB plug and cable are smaller and easier.

Hi there, @Ponci! While we do not advise using the included micro usb cable to permanently plug in and charge your battery, we do have accessories that might help. Check out our Plug-In Adapter on our accessories page at Ring.com. This will likely accomplish what you are looking for. :slight_smile: