Ring Upgrade Alarm

Hello! I was wondering if you are able to upgrade your system from the generation one to the generation 2 models? Does Ring have a program like that? I know that I did it for my doorbell.

Hi @Lara0489. We do not have a program like this at this time, but the individual pieces are also compatible with your current Base Station.You can mix and match first and second generation Ring Alarm Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, Range Extenders, Keypads and third-party devices with any Ring Alarm Base Station. These devices are designed to work together, so if you feel the desire to upgrade to any of the new styles, feel free to! :slight_smile:


@Ring This was almost 5 months ago any changesisnce there are new product releases? Amazon offers an recyclable program but only pays $10 for a $60 doorbell cam i bought. and i really want to ugrade as the first generation is terrible at speed and graphics. it is useless and understanbable a product ahead of its time but it shouldnt be allowed to be sold anymore. I really rather buy direct from ring.com as it offers a military discount and many of us in at our job in Comms and Intel prefer it over the other devices dude to app connectivity, remote access, and other things we cant discuss.

Hi @USAFBonilla. We still do not have any type of trade-in or upgrade program for our devices at this time. This applies to both the Ring Alarm system and our Cameras and Doorbells. Should you wish to upgrade to a new device at any point, you’ll need to purchase it from our website or from an authorized retailer.