Ring unable to look up Protect plans purchased through Amazon?

Dear moderators,
I wanted to express that I thought it was odd Ring phone support can’t look up Protect plan expiration information info, etc. if you purchase the plan through Amazon. I called to inquire about my plan and the agent asked if I could log into my browser account and read me exactly what it said about coverage. Upon further inquiry why, she said that although she could see it was under “warranty” that is all that shows. Why can’t Ring see full Protect plan information regardless if you buy direct from Ring or Amazon (that owns Ring)? Can this be improved?

Hi @trail-explorer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Even though we are an Amazon owned company, there are different systems and certain security protocols that have to be met. This is why Ring support team members may not be able to see all of the information related to your Ring Protect plan that was purchased directly through Amazon. However, that is a great idea to have our support team be able to see more information, so feel free to submit it to the Feature Request board. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know I could buy Protect Plan from Amazon. I purchased my Ring Alarm system plus some additional cameras from Amazon. I’m still under the 30 day free trial and yersterday, I decided to pay 100 euros to be fully covered during 12 months. I did this payment through the Ring App. From what I understood, the 12 month period will start when the initial free trial ends.

Right! I bought my cameras from Amazon. It seems a lot of folks here have a lot of frustrations ordering through Ring and not getting updated shipping info etc. I’ve never had a bad experience with Amazon - tracking info and no fuss, no muss returns with free shipping labels.

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