Ring system lost internet connection but cellular backup not connecting either

Ring lost internet (entire neighborhood CenturyLink down) and all of our Ring system is off line. But Cellular backup is not connecting either. We have full cellular bars (Ring mobile app working and this current connection via mobile is fine) but Ring is not connecting with cellular anyway. Does something in our Ring cellular backup capability need fixing?

Next day: CenturyLink internet restored now and Ring has reconnected to internet. But, I still would like to know why Ring would not access the perfectly fine AT&T cellular network like it is supposed to do (claimed it will do) as a backup while the internet was down for hours yesterday and early this morning.

Is Ring’s cellular backup a real feature?

Hi @user7406. This is odd, as your Ring Alarm should automatically connect to the backup Cellular Network. During the time when CenturyLink was down, was the light on your Base Station orange? What do you see in the history during that period? Also, do you have Professional Monitoring activated?