Ring stops displaying live view on Echo Show 10 after 10-15mns saying camera is not responding

How do I get my camera to keep displaying on my Echo Show 10? Amazon had me reset it and caused a bunch of problems and the same thing resulted anyway.

Thank you

Hi @user12884. The Live View for Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras will automatically time out after 10 minutes. You cannot have the Live View up continuously for longer than that, which is why you are seeing it time out on your Echo Show after 10 minutes. After it times out, you would need to initiate a new Live View.

Other neighbors have requested to be able to have the Live View up for a longer duration of time. You’re welcome to add your feedback to this request in our Feature Request board. :slight_smile:

Hi, but the live view will stay up on my laptop and phone.

Thank you

Hi, I have confirmed that at 10mns the camera reconnects on my laptop and phone, just not on the show 10.

Hi, I have also confirmed that the ring website reconnects the camera at 10mns. If you run the website through silk on the show 10, it will also reconnect and it will stay visible. However, if you try to use the show for anything else, it will close the browser. Haven’t found a way around this yet and not sure there is one. But, hey, what was said to be not possible has been done.

Hi neighbors! Live View on Ring.com still times out after around 10 minutes and a new Live View would need to be activated. This is the intended behavior regarding Live View. You’re still welcome to add your feedback to the feature request I shared in my previous reply regarding the Live View duration. :slight_smile:

Hey, it will stay up on ring.com on laptop, phone and show 10. Just can’t multi-task on show 10 if you do so.