Ring stopped showing snapshot on paid plan

Ring stopped showing snapshot on paid plan after their recent internal update. Why is this happening, do we get a refund?

I spoke with ring customer support and asked if they would refund or supply a power cord for battery cams so the alerts would work. Was told no for each request. I’m disgusted with ring customer support. I understand things break and technology fails but to give no updates and only give automated non-responses to inquires is not acceptable. I have 8 ring devices and 5 at another location. That is now a 2k loss since the dumb notifications can’t even link to the appropriate video most the time. And is it is too time consuming to open the app for every notification that comes thru. I hope at some point a class action is filed for false advertising.

Hi neighbors, the Rich Notification service for battery powered Ring devices is temporarily offline. Check out our Status Page for updates. Our team is working to resolve the issue to restore the service as soon as possible. We will make updates here as the team works to restore this service. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here in the Community!