Ring Stick up unable to enable motion

I have an indoor/outdoor stick up cam inside my shed and I was working for a couple of hours and disabled motion and then now I need to enable this back on I am unable to do so on my iphone.

Hey @donzg! What happens when you attempt to enable motion in the Ring app? If your zones or sensitivity settings are not saving, I recommend to check your mobile device connection and your wifi connection. Check out our Community post about optimized RSSI, or signal strength. Try also changing the motion settings in the Ring app while your mobile device is connected to wifi only, as well as on data only.

If the above does not improve your experience, a great next step would be to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device. Feel free to keep us updated on your results!

I tried re-installing but that did not address the issue. I installed the latest ring app on my android phone and I am able to change the motion settings on my android phone but not on my iphone once its turned off. I would say this is an issue on the iphone version of the app. Once its disabled and you try to go to motion settings, motion detection (see attached screen shot) where your able to tap a zone to turn motion detection on and off, that screen only goes on for about 1-2 secs and then your back in the main settings screen. I don’t experience this same problem on the android phone.