Ring Stick Up requesting ARP every 30 seconds

I purchased my cameras 2 years ago. My 2 Ring Stick Up cameras started making ARP requests on Oct 22 2022 at 0822 PM CST every 30 seconds each. This is per my log files that capture non-standard network activity. I called Ring Tech support and got bumped up to Tier 2 and they didn’t have any information about the most recent firmware update for the cameras or if there is something wrong with mine. They told me to try a hard reset by holding down the orange button for 30 seconds and then adding it in again. I did this for both with no change. I was told maybe it’s the DHCP settings on my router. I set the 2 cameras to static IP addresses, but still no change. I even changed my router’s IP address to, but still no change. I’m at a loss besides faulty Ring Stick Up firmware. Is there a way to get a message to the engineers that there is a bug in the firmware? I asked tech support and they had no way to message the engineering team.