Ring Stick Up Elite Subscription


I am thinking of purchasing a Ring Stick Up Elite security camera and I have two questions:

  1. Is it true that the app for the subject device will be discontinued this year? And thereafter, the only option to view videos will be via Ring wesite?

  2. Would that be possible to record videos at night without flashing lights of any kind? I believe that Nest cameras have invisible infrared illumination so that unless you use the talk-back function with the chime enabled, there is no way for anyone to know they are being listened to, watched, or being recorded?

Thank you.

Hi @Julija. The only Ring apps that have been discontinued are for the Desktop. Ring apps on your phone, tablet as well as Ring.com are still functional. For night use, you can notice a very small, red led light for the infrared lights. I hope this answers your questions!