Ring stick-up Elite cam no longer connected

Dear Ring-Team,

I recently installed 9 Elite Stick-up cams on our premises. Appears one got broken after shord period of time but wanted first to double-check on any other error sources.

Problem : Camera is no longer connected / no internet connection. Problem occured suddenly over night (last images received from cam 02:04am in the night - then it was suddenly dead)

Set-up : Camera ist connected via LAN cable / PoE to a switch which is connected with the router - same set-up as all other 8 cameras which are working perfectly fine.

Trouble shooting we tried on our end:

  1. Checked the LAN socket where the camera is installed with another device - works fine, the socket itself is connected to the network and having internet access on other devices works fine
  2. Replaced the LAN cable between the LAN socket and the camera - no change, the cable connecting the cam is fine
  3. Pressed the orange reset button / tried to hard-reset the camera - no success
  4. The camera surprinsingly has power, the blue LED is on, but even with trying to hard-reset the camera and re-adding it to the system, the blue LED nevers blinks - it’s always a steady light, whatever I do - no other of the 8 cams I installed ever behaved like that

So I am running of out ideas here and I assume it may be a hardware issue - but before requesting a guarantee replacement (camera ist just few weeks old) wanted to check with you here on other ideas.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

Thank you for coming to the Community @DarkwarriorSFN! You’ve definitely covered all the best steps to ensure the resources and environment can support this Camera operation.

The only other thing I can add here as more of a step to test, is to attempt a new setup in the Ring app and completing the connection to wifi versus ethernet. If successful, you can then try to change the network via the device health section in the ring app, to switch connection to ethernet that way.

If this still does not result in ethernet connection, our support team will be able to best assist further! :slight_smile: