Hi, bit confusing, reading the ring website and watching you tube videos but simply

Does the ring battery operated stick up camera come complete with a wall mount? One says sold separately, one says comes in box. I’m in UK


Hey @PADDYMAN. The Stick Up Cam Battery has a base that can be placed flat on a surface, or that can be removed and put onto the back of the device to then mount it onto the wall. As you can see, this base is only available to be moved from below the device to the back of it, and therefore mounting it to the wall may be harder depending on the wall and where it will work. If you find you can install it similar to this picture below, then you will not need to worry about purchasing our additional, more flexible mount:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.29.32 AM.png

In the event that you need the camera to be able to look more side to side, or
even higher up on the ceiling, that is when I recommend purchasing the additional mount, which has a “neck” for more adjustable viewing and placement. This mount is not included in the box and you will need to purchase in addition.