Ring stick up cam range/Live view

Just purchased a stick up cam today and set it up in our third story window. Setup was easy and it seemed to be working fine but two issues have arisen:

  1. Live view will not work 80% of the time. The wifi signal is strong (Its basically right next to the router) and I’m right near it while I try to access live view, but it just wont work most of the time and will stay stuck on ‘activting device’. Any idea why that would be? For comparison the peep cam on the other side of the house does not have this issue and its much further away from the router

  2. Motion detection doesn’t seem to be detecting the comings and goings of our parking lot. I fear it may be an issue of range rather than something wrong with the product. With that said, what is the range on these things? Would upgrading to the elite solve this particular issue for me?

Hey @MikeN! Depending on mounting and the surrounding environment, the motion detection can certainly vary. If this Cam is inside the window facing out, while also being on the third story, the height and window/ screen can make a difference in it’s range of capture. If the Cam is mounted outside on the exterior wall, please ensure this is not any higher than 9 feet up, as range can also vary by height.

As for live view, your Cam should connect just as fast as your Peephole Cam does. I recommend checking for any app updates or device updates, as well as avoiding any appliances or major electronics between the router and Stick Up Cam. If this live view concern persists, try reaching out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the reply!

I tested it while the window was open and it seems to capture motion but not for the whole parking lot. So it was definatly that window/screen preventing it from detecting motion, thanks for the tips.

The live view issue seems to have fixed itself so that’s all good now

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