Ring stick up cam questions

Hello! I am a new Ring stick up camera customer & I am trying to gain more understanding of how the camera works. Does the camera record 24/7 and if not, is there a way to make it record 24/7? I had a party yesterday and the ring stick up recorded at 5:45 PM & did not record again until 2:00 AM. However, there were people in my living room the whole time. This is the same room I have the camera in. Why did the camera not record the party? I know the motion sensors had to see all of the people in my apartment.

Hi @Gbrown. Ring Cameras and Doorbells do not record 24/7 as they are not designed to. They will record whenever motion is detected or when you activate a Live View from the Ring App. As for the Motion Detection, you have different settings available to customize how your Camera behaves. You can adjust the Motion Frequency on battery-powered devices, and you can learn more about how motion detection in Ring devices works in our Help Center Article here. Additionally, you can use the Modes feature to control when your Ring Camera detects and records motion. I hope you find this information helpful, and welcome to the Ring family! :slight_smile: