Ring Stick-up Cam Plug in

Hi y’all!

I bought a stick up cam plug in thinking I would be able to plug it in, but the distance from the plug to my camera is too far and the cord is all messy. Can I put a battery in it and just let it run with the battery? Will it also work with the solar panel or do I need to return it and get the battery version?


Hi @ChristinaDiMonda. Yes, you can use a Quick Release Battery Pack and Solar Panel with a Stick Up Cam Plug In. You want make sure you change the Power Mode setting for the Camera to the correct power source you are using which is either Wired or Battery. If you add the Solar Panel your power source will remain as the battery option. You will need the battery in the Camera when using a Solar Panel. The Solar Panel trickle charges the battery while it is being used. I hope this helps!