Ring Spotlight wireless cam - power adapter


We have Ring Spotlight wireless camera. Does your power adapter accessory (barrel plug) work with this model? Does the accessory come with EU standard power plug?

Hey there, @Paul_B! Our Spotlight Camera Solar will indeed connect via the included barrel connection cable. If you have the Spotlight Cam Battery, this is the same connection and will certainly work with our Solar Panel accessory. Keep in mind, the Spotlight Camera Battery comes uses a quick release battery, which is intended to be taken out and charged with the included, usb cable.

Using a power outlet to power the Spotlight Camera is only intended for our Spotlight Camera Wired model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


If the solar battery voltage is 5 and power adapter voltage also 5, why would not the power adapter accessory charge the battery of wireless camera?

Good question, @Paul_B! As the Spotlight Cam Battery version is designed to be powered by battery, it is not intended to provide a constant flow of this power to the lithium-ion quick release batteries. While the Solar Panel may be rated similarly to the power from a micro usb, the Solar Panel is not constantly receiving sunlight (night hours), nor is it constantly powering the Spotlight Camera. Your Spotlight Cam will use the batteries to power an event, in which the Solar Panel will provide the charge afterwards, to replenish the battery used.

Check out our help center article which provides insight on obtaining the maximum power from your Solar Panels.

Marley… does your answer apply to the stickup cam battery also (with regards to using the power adapter)?

Glad you asked, @Tex78745! When using the Stick Up Camera battery, there certainly is a solution for power. Our Indoor/ Outdoor Power Adapter is designed for use with the Stick Up Camera battery to give you more options for constant power. Thus, while the Spotlight Camera battery model is dedicated to battery and solar power, the Stick Up Camera battery model provides an additional option for power. :slight_smile:

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