Ring Spotlight/Floodlight cam with PoE

Please update the Spotlight/Floodlight cam devices to work via PoE as opposed to WiFi. This added direct ethernet connection will be beneficial to customers who cannot get a good wifi signal to the cams like myself as the Spolight cams are placed outside the building at some distance from the rouer.

I actually had to downgrade & replaced one of my external spotlight cam for a Stickup cam elite as the Stick up cam elite has the PoE option. Doesn’t make sense that the inferior less featured stickup cam range should have this option while the more fully featured Spotlight/Floodlight camera’s do not.


I totally agree I live in a condominum complex and hackers are everywhere they use wifi jammers to throw my camera off and I have to reeastblish communications everytime. WIFI sucks people a good burgler will have jammers on them to break into houses you need to hardline your devices and turn off your wifi connections. Understand that smart means your not safe its how the government and other agancies keep track of you and your data. Use TOR brower and the dark web and never use your phones for anything except phone calls. I also sugest dropping windows and upgrade to Linux fight the survaliance pandemic.

Every Ring camera should have a PoE option. I would like to see an outdoor 'turret" or “bullet” style Ring cameras that I could put in place of existing cameras on my house but these need to run on PoE as you suggested.