Ring Spotlight Camera Won't Power On

I have the Ring Wired Spotlight camera…while installing the camera I removed the camera from the base/mounting bracket to fish the wire through a tight space…when I re-attached the camera to the base it no longer gets power. It was working fine prior to…

Hey @stew455! If you Spotlight Cam is not powering up, I recommend checking the breaker or even testing another outlet to see if it will power on. The next best step would be to try a reset. For the reset, please press and hold down the setup button for 20 seconds, and then see if it powers on. If it’s still not powering on, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting!

i had done all that troubleshooting

turns out 1 of the 3 copper spring loaded prongs that conduct the current from the camera to the wired base was stuck pressed down. I played around with it and it released to look like the other 2 and when I reconnected the camera it powered on.

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Well I changed the camera location and now it doesn’t power up. I have tried already hard reset diferente power source and cable and still cannot get the camera to power on.

Sorry to hear about this, @pablo69vive! If you’ve attempted to power via another outlet, or have already tried the reset mentioned prior in this thread, to no avail, this may require a closer look by our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.