Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Wired - Rectangular Horizontal JBox Mount Use-Case WHERE?

With the new Spotlight Cam Pro Wired (finally) released for purchase, there’s a ton of us looking for the continuity of installation for those with prior Spotlight Cam Wired Mount devices on horizontal, rectangular jboxes.

Remember, a standard rectangular jbox is wider that a standard round jbox and there would be a gap unless they made the entire thing oversized, at which point it’s too big to overlap a single shingle siding, which is the reason the rectangular jbox mount is so popular. Way less obtrusive and damaging to the siding. But I can’t find anything at this point. Just this wonky round mount with overly complicated USB type-c connector instead of the solid pin mounts of before. Planned obsolescence would not be welcome at this price-point nor given the holes required to be put in your house should be a one-time deal. I’m also concerned with the documentation on the current round thing saying to “caulk around it” which to my knowledge is not exactly electrical code to do to any jbox. My current “Mount” style has normal weatherproofing gaskets that are code. Feels like a lot of weird shortcuts here. Can you provide guidance for installation/use-case parity against this, please:


Hi @ChrisJ_Ring. The Spotlight Cam Pro Wired utilizes the Hardwired Kit, which must be installed on a 4" round UL listed weatherproof electrical box. The rectangular or J-box style is only compatible with the previous generation of Spotlight Cam mounts.

That reference link refers to a “switch box” (which by definition is a single gang rectangular jbox), so these instructions don’t jive with that and a lot of people were pointing to these instructions a month ago when they leaked out as support.

Nobody can believe Ring would eliminate support for a rectangular jbox since that would mean leaving a huge chunk of their installed base in a lurch. Or is the solution to install legacy gear after telling us for well over a year now a solution was coming and just to wait or sitting in a world of nobody knows anything?

The problem is that once a rectangular cut is made, you can’t just “cut a round” since the rectangle is wider than the round. Same goes with a round going to a rectangle – they’re not interchangeable.

Last quote from a support tech at Christmas was “we consolidated the Mount SKU into one and support all styles”. So apparently they were either ill-informed or lying to keep us on the hook? Or is there new kit on the horizon to solve this issue?