Ring Spotlight cam motion


I have a mounted battery spot cam which does not appear to detect all motion. All the zones I want are covered and the setting is at standard. The problem is the camera is not detecting all motion. Yesterday we left and the camera caught the departure but not the return some four hours later. I tested the camera and it picked up motion and I tested it 5 mins later and it again picked it up. It’s seems to intermittently not pick up motion particularly if there are big gaps between motion of 2 or more hours . Does anyone have any help or suggestion as to what is wrong.

Hey @Peterjh, have you tried setting your motion frequency to frequent? Changing this setting should ensure that you have every motion event picked up and recorded for you. You can learn more about this setting and how to change it in our Ring Help Center Article here. Additionally, please check out our article on proper positioning for the camera here as well, as you made need to adjust the positioning in the case that adjusting the frequency still doesn’t address your concern.