Ring Spotlight Cam and Professional Monitoring

I am planning to purchase the Ring Spotlight Cam and keep it in my garage to face some items. I am also a member of the $10/mo professional monitoring service.

If someone is stealing my stuff, will a professional in real time be reviewing footage and determining if my stuff is being stolen?

If so, how will the person distinguish between me taking my stuff and a theif?

Good question @esender! Professional Monitoring only applies to the Alarm system. If you own the Alarm system and register for professional monitoring, only your emergency Alarm events will be monitored. The benefit of a Protect Plus Plan without an Alarm system, is the number of devices covered, extended warranty, a 10% discount on Ring.com purchases, and other special features.

At Ring we value your security and your privacy. When owning a Ring Camera enabled device, those recordings and videos are only viewable to you and anyone else you grant access to, or share them with. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: