Ring Spotlight Battery Drain While Plugged In

I have several ring spotlights and for the most part the batteries stay topped at 100%, but one of them is either failing to charge the batteries or just can’t keep up with power usage. I put 2 full batteries in it a month ago or so and they are down to 4% and 27%. Oddly the left always seems to drain faster… The outlet is not on a switch or anything, so it’s not an issue of the A/C source.

Is this a faulty camera, faulty batteries, or a firmware issue? The devices do not display what version of firmware they are running but they do show “up to date.” The issue was first identified in late 2019 when it was wired to a solar panel and I switched over to a wall socket thinking it was a sunlight issue.

NOTE: I performed another hard reset and while it was updating it displayed “Firmware 21.27” but as soon as it finished it reverted and says “Up to Date” again. So useless! We will see if it can charge…

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Hi @jeqwerty, I was going to recommend the hard reset, so thank you for doing that! Please let us know if that seems to help. Additionally, about how many events do you have per day? It’s possible that maybe with all the activity going on that this is why the batteries are draining so fast.

I had 6 events today and I have it take snapshots every 14 minutes. I snapped a screenshot 36 hours ago and the left battery remains at 9% but the right dropped from 27% to 18%

@jeqwerty Having your device take snapshots every 14 minutes will cause it to drain a lot as that will give you about 100 events, on top of the normal 6 that you said you had. Could you try maybe turning Snapshots off, and seeing how your battery levels are? You could also attempt to have snapshots take not as often to reduce the amount of events.

That is not technically false, a camera uses power to take snapshots. However, recording images is negligible beside the primary function of the device, which is a spotlight.

The problem is that the devices do not charge when plugged in. Reducing functionality is not the answer. My left battery is still at exactly 9% after 3 days which means nothing is happening.

Hey @jeqwerty, could you please reach out to our support team here? They can take a look into your device’s battery health history to get a better idea on what may be going on. Additionally, they can see if the device is showing that it’s hardwired/plugged in to see if it’s doing as intended.

Also, since I forgot to mention, when it comes to drainage on the batteries, the device will always use one battery up to about 20% of it’s health left, and then swap over to the other battery, doing the same to that battery to about 20% before it jumps back and forth using both batteries. I know you had asked why that was happening as well so wanted to clear that up for you before you chatted into support :slight_smile:

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SOLVED: Replaced the AC/DC power adapter.

I used a meter to check the plug and found it was dead and swapping it out brought the batteries back up. My issue is resolved, but I suggest the UI people add an indicator whether the usb line is hot as well as whether the batteries are being charged or not. Users like me would be able to narrow down the issue much faster.

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@jeqwerty I’m glad to hear this was resolved, and nice job with your personal troubleshooting to get it there! I will make sure to mark your post as the solution for other neighbors that might run into this. I will also make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team so we can look into this for future. :slight_smile: Thank you again and nice job!

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