Ring Spot light hard wired randomly turns on light

My Spotlight hardwired version seems to randomly turns on the light several times a night. It is installed next to my sliding glass door so I can see the light when it turns on.

There is no motion recorded when the lights do come on.

I have the motion zone set to minimum and it still turns on several times a night.

Any known issue with this behavior or possible fix?


I have the same issue. Also seeming to have a night vision issue. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes only 1/3 area is lit.

Click the “Device Health” icon in your Ring Floodlight camera settings menu on your app. About 1/2 down see Firmware…if it reads 1.16.00273 then I believe you should return your camera as there appears to be no resolution from Ring.

My firmware says “up to date” and doesn’t show actual version number.

Mine says “up to date” only as well

That both your cameras show “Up to Date” is likely a good sign that it’s a matter of some other settings that Ring phone support should be able to address for you. Had you shown the older firmware, you’d be stuck like the rest of us.

Did you get this issue resolved? I’m having the same problem