Ring spot light cam

I recently installed a ring spot light cam and it does not show on the web site. It shows on my phone but will not connect or go live from a remote location. I did the test when i istalled it and it worked. What can i do to get this show go live on my phone from a remote location. Do i have to have some motion inorder to activate?

Hey @Donald1115! As long as the Ring app is installed on your mobile device, and the Cam is setup and connected to wifi, it should certainly allow for a live view. Please ensure the motion alerts are toggled on in the app, so when you are notified of motion you can answer it live on your mobile device. You should also be able to perform a Live View by visiting the Spotlight Cam’s device page in the Ring app.

If live view is not connecting, the best next thing to check is the Spotlight Cam’s Device Health in the app, to see if the RSSI is sufficient for video connection. Keep in mind that logging on through the Ring.com website will allow you to see recording history, whereas a live view can only be initiated from an app. There is an IOS/ Android app as well as a Windows 10/ Mac app, I hope this helps! :slight_smile: