Ring Solar Panel Stopped Working

I have a ring wireless stick up cam solar 3rd gen with the base model solar panel.
The panel receives direct sunlight from 2pm to 7pm daily.
When I first set everything up, the camera would recharge to 100% daily.
About 3 weeks later, with no settings change, the charge started draining as if the solar panel was not connected at all (about15% daily).
I reset the camera by holding the reset button for 30s.
I then returned the original solar panel and received a replacement. During the week it took the replacement to arrive, I confirmed again that the charge drains about 15% daily without the solar panel.
Now, with the new solar panel installed, the charge still drops by about 15% daily.
Please provide debug information to confirm battery health and that the panel is charging.
Also what are the possible outputs for Solar Status under the Device Health UI? I currently only see “Connected” when I could swear I used to see “Charging” but cannot confirm.

Hi @nphd. How many events is your Stick Up Cam recording per day? If the camera is having a large amount of events/Live Views, the battery might be draining faster that the Solar Panel can trickle charge the battery. In the Ring app, you should see that it says “Connected”.