Ring solar not charging - should the blue circle show?


I’ve had the Ring video doorbell for a year now, but have just purchased the solar charger. When i plug it in the blue circle initially starts spinning, but once secured into place the blue circles stop. The app doesnt show the charger, and the battery is continuing to stop. Connections etc all look good. Should the blue circle show when solar charging ?



Typo - the battery continues to run down

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Purchased a solar panel from ring. It’s not charging the door bell. They sent a new one and same problem. Any suggestions???


The title says it all. We bought a Video Doorbell, the $99 verions, then added a Solar Charger and installed the latter to the Doorbell.

The Solar charger has never charged the Doorbell, despite facing the east and catching the morning sun. When I view the Device, under Solar Charger Status, there’s just a message to add a solar device.

I’ve doublechecked the invoice from Ring and it for the Video Doorbell, not Video Doorbell 2.

Any idea of what the problem is? Is there somewhere I can check model numbers of both the Doorbell and the Solar Charger to see if they’re compatible?

Edit: Also the Doorbell doesn’t lock into the Solar Chargers when the screws are tighted. It’s literally possible to just nudge the doorbel up and pull it off.


Same as you I bought the original doorbell then solar panel. The doorbell has to be mounted just right onto the panel in order to lock into place. My panel does not charge either. Instead it has been rapidly discharging the battery. CSR is sending me a replacement doorbell. Somehow I have the feeling that one won’t work with the solar panel either.

I had my doorbell six months before adding the solar charger. After fully charging the doorbell then putting it on to the solar panel I had the opposite happen. The blue light came on and stayed on for about half an hour. My solar panel has been discharging the battery instead of charging it. I am being sent a new doorbell to use on the solar charger but don’t think that will help. I purchase the solar charger because I have solar panels for my stick up cams and they work great. For some reason the doorbell charger is a dud.

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Also having the same issue. Had the Ring for about 6 months and decided to get the solar charger - it has been in a week and the battery is discharnging the same. The sun is on it most of the day. In the app it says battery under power source - I expected it to tell me it was plugged into something else.

Charges ok when plugged into the wall.

Any suggestions?


I’d had enough and returned it for a refund. The company knows they are defective and do not work yet they continue to sell them.