Ring Solar Floodlight Battery Dead? Device offline

I bought two spare batteries to increase the life of my two Ring Solar Floodlights. I charged them up inside and upon heading outside today I saw both Floodlights are and have been offline. As soon as I added the fresh batteries to each lights second spare slot they came online. Device health shows the battery % at 100. That implies a few things. It’s not registering or charging the original batters. So either the batteries didn’t even make it a year or both solar panels are toast. I don’t see how either is possible that both are affected. If the new batteries remain at 100 then the solar panels must be good. So what do I do and why doesn’t the App recognize both slots to sum up total power? (Or do they? I wouldn’t know if my batteries are toast)

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Hi @Fuali. How many hours of direct sunlight do the Solar Panels for your Floodlights receive each day? The Solar Panels should be receiving around 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to help charge the batteries. I’d recommend taking the original batteries out and manually charging them to a full charge before reinserting them into the Solar Floodlights. From there, monitor the battery life and see if you notice any excessive battery drain.

this is exactly {on the dot} that is happening to me and ring sucks on helping and yea the batteries only last 1 year depending on brightness and use …SMH this stuff is crap!!

The average life for batteries is around 3-4 years.
Of course, if you are in an environment with really high (or low) temperatures it can adversely affect battery life.