Ring solar flood light recharge battery


I owned Ring Solar flood light and with the additional back up batter as well. I understand the flood light will automatic switch to the backup battery after the first battery drained completly.

I would like to know if the solar panel will charge both battery? or does it charge only the active battery? For example if I have both battery in the unit called battery A & B. If the flood light drained the battery A and switched to battery B at night. In the morning, will the camera know how to charge the battery A which is not the active battery now. I could not locate this information anywhere. I appreciate your help.

Hey @derricknp. The Ring Solar Floodlight works with either one or two batteries installed. When two batteries are installed, the device is able to manage when each battery is charged and discharged so the device can maximize its run time. The Floodlight knows the status of both batteries and actively manages them as it needs to. This will help ensure you do not need to worry about it and charging, as this is the same for our Spotlight Cam Battery with the solar panel attachment. :slight_smile:

yeah but the difference is that on the cameras, when you install the second battery you get a second battery icon and charge percentage. with the solar floodlight when you install the second battery there’s no indication whatsoever that it is there or is charging or what it’s status is