Ring Smart Lighting Features

I purchased the indoor smart lighting kit with bridge recently and the “smart” is seriously lacking. Features are desperately needed when compared to other smart lighting available.The first feature is the ability to share lights. As of now and talking to ring support only an owner can control a light. Yes, only one person can turn a light on and off. Please add shared user support. The second feature is the need for mode specific lighting (Away/Home). As of now you can either have a light come on when motion is detected by a chosen camera or not with no customization. As you can guess having the light come on as you come down the stairs at 5am was not pleasant, but having it come on if nobody is at home and it’s set to away would be very useful. The linking of lights with motion is a great feature that needs more customization to make useful as of now I have this turned off and have to relink the light anytime I’m away. Overall the smart lighting features Ring carried over from outdoor lighting simply do not work efficiently in the current form for the new indoor light kits.