Ring Smart Floodlight - Ability to Turn Off Notifications

Been using a Ring Doorbell and multiple floodlight cams for several years. Would consider myself a proficient user.

Just purchased 3 smart floodlights. Setup and installation was easy. However, there does not appear to be a way to independently turn on/off notifications on the smart floodlights as there is on the floodlight cam.

I want the smart floodlights to activate with motion, and want to be able to group the lights by areas of our house, but don’t want to receive all the notifications.

Is there a way to shut off notifications while keeping the PIR activated for auto on/off with motion detection? If there is, please advise how to configure for that option. If not, please add the option to turn off notifications on the smart floodlight GUI.

Also agree with the suggestion by another poster. Ring needs to incorporate a day/night sensor to detect sunset and sunrise to automatically adjust the on and off time. Currently, a user must go into the setup menu for the smart floodlight and manually set the on and off active time for the PIR. The incorporation of an electric eye on the bottom of the PIR sensor would not be overly complicated.

Thank you, RobDM