Ring siren

How do I get a transformer to hard wire in my siren

Hi @Alfiealfie11. Can you specify what device you’re trying to hardwire with a transformer? If you’re referring to the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren, it supports 9-28V, 12W DC power input and 22-16AWG gauge wire. It can also be battery-powered or connected to a Ring Solar Panel as well. :slight_smile:

Caitlyn, I am getting somewhat confused with reference to the required supply for the Ring Siren. Your reply states 9-28V, 12W DC, however, the solar panel only supplies 5.2V and 2.2W. If the solar panel can charge the quick release battery on such a low voltage and wattage, why can’t I use an additional Ring doorbell transformer as a power supply?
Kind regards from the UK

Hi @Mandon75. By visiting this page here, under the Power and Connectivity section, you’ll be able to see each of the power sources. The Solar Panel will maintain the charge on the Quick Release Battery, not power the Outdoor Siren. I hope this helps.

this will power it for you - Ring Video Doorbell Plug-In Adapter | Video Doorbell Power Adapter