Ring Siren + Solar Panel

Did anyone ever get to the bottom of the solar panel not charging the Ring battery pack in an alarm siren issue. I have 2 Ring alarm sirens and installed the genuine Ring battery packs plus solar panels. Neither solar panel is charging the batteries and considering the batteries have depleted within 10 days I can only assume, without any charge or connection indication in the app, that the panels are not providing ANY charge to the batteries.

I have spoken with Ring CS who have asked the usual re panel positioning, asking about amount of sunlight etc and then wanting me to take pictures of the barrel connector plugged in isn the back of the siren. What a load of tosh. I have Eufy cameras with solar panels in less open areas that maintain full battery charge for the cameras without issue.

Keen to understand if anyone else ever found a fix. I have viewed the other thread which was closed in Oct 2021.


The reason they wanted a picture of the barrel connector plugged in is they wanted to verify that you had it pushed in all the way. Many people, myself included, don’t push it in hard enough until it is firmly seated and sometimes even makes a click sound.


Ah OK, I will do that and check then. Thank you.

Thanks @SolarEclipse . That was indeed the issue and now working perfectly.
Thank you so much.