Ring should change there slogan from we protect your home to?

Who thinks RING should change there slogan from we protect your home to WE PROTECT YOUR HOME ONLY WHEN YOUR AT HOME.

i got transferred for a job a short time after purchasing thousands of dollars worth of ring equipment for the 1st month everything was fine my ring devices work and my waze devices worked my ring went off line for a couple of days and NEVER CAME BACK ON LINE when everything else like my waze cameras came back online

Called Ring several times and the comments they said well your just going to have to drive across country to reset your door bell and other ring devices thousands of dollars just became paperweights. Another bonehead comment dont you know anyone who can climb your two story house and reset your floodlights and pathway, door bells lights…very very dumb.

Do you know someone even if you do know someone would you want them climbing on your house while your away or taking your doorbell apart while your way.

I SAID IT ONCE I WILL SAY IT AGAIN EITHER CREATE A REMOTE ACCESS THAT YOU CAN RESET YOUR DEVICES WHILE AWAY OR CHANGE YOUR SLOGAN TO WE PROTECT YOUR HOME ONLY WHEN YOUR AT HOME weather is a job transfer or a simple vacation your devices go off line while you are away you want them to reset or the ability to reset them remotely or THEY BECOME NOTHING MORE THEN VERY VERY EXPENSIVE PAPER WEIGHTS

I’m having the same problems, 6 of these cameras including a doorbell and most of the time I don’t have access to live view, can’t open motion events and past recordings. I have deleted the app numerous times, reset storage/cache, reset all devices climbing a ladder to push buttons, resetting router countless times. I am certain the problem is on their end but they fail to do anything about.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbors. Our devices are intended to operate reliably with sufficient resources. Wifi signal and power (battery or wired) are equally important in maintaining dependable and consistent operation. Check out our Community post for tips on improving RSSI, and this one for troubleshooting live view connection.

These should help for optimizing your connection and experience. The Rapid Ring app is another great solution, as it is a Ring app designed for the quickest live view connection. If you’ve tried these steps to no avail, our support team is always happy to take a more in-depth look for advanced solutions.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Its the biggest LIE BY RING when they continue to say I am sorry or we are working to protect our customers witch is GARBAGE.

I am not going to buy and encourage others to buy RING until such time as someone SMART RECOGNIZES they need REMOTE ACCESS ON YOUR PHONE OR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS.

I would spent 250 for a flood year to protect my home with ring if i had access but you can see my file I had one month access been offline for a year because I was not at home to reset it, my flood light or any of my other ring devices

It does not matter if its a day at the beach or 6 months a way from being transferred. You should be able to reset your RING DEVICES REMOTELY.

I know I am not alone. I spent a TON OF MONEY FOR 1 MONTH USAGE did not get access to 12 MONTH PROTECT PLAN. The first words out of the customer service mouth was call the internet company. Second words drive across country 2000 miles to reset a door bell or reset the flood light NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THAT.

I did CALL THE INTERNET COMPANY and they said they were upgrading the line to fiber optic . GREAT after they were finished I should have been able to LOG ON AND bring it back online remotely.


Had i known, had it been on the box I NEVER WOULD HAVE PURCHASED IT

This is an extreme concern for me. We just installed 2 video doorbells and a spotlight camera. We purchased specifically for when we are NOT home. If I am home I can look out the window to see who is here. LOL. As we were setting up the devices and had to keep removing the cover and pressing buttons to reset I started thinking this was going to be an issue, hence my searching and finding your post. I know several people interested in hearing about how our setup went. I will be letting them know this is a HUGE drawback. If they can’t climb a ladder to clean gutters or wash windows, how the heck are they going to climb a ladder to press a button on a camera!

And before a RING employee send a canned response about routers, wifi strength and RSS, my connection is NOT a problem. The PROBLEM is going to be when we have a brief power outage, especially in the summer when we have thunderstorms daily. BLINK…. OFFLINE. Or when our internet provider has a brief outage (it happens). Drive home across 5 or 6 states to take the doorbells apart to press a button, then belly out on the deck to reach the reset button on the spotlight camera. This is going to be a nightmare.

update - currently OFFLINE again. It does not matter weather you are one block or at the store when you get a ring alert you want to click on it and see who is there probably the amazon guy.

When you can not do that ITS USELESS most expensive paperweight. I feel robbed, cheated A 250.00 PAPERWEIGHT could not recommend to anyone including the POPE if he were standing in front of me. Spoke to tech support who showed little to no regard to the problem well we see the video its working. I know that I can see its online on the app but I am not getting the live video thereby making it USELESS you can not talk to anyone. Currently a 25.00 wyze camera is picking up the slack of a 250.00 camera and that should NEVER BE THE CASE. Very Disappointed in Ring maybe they should call Wyze and figure out what they are doing BETTER. The comments that come out of ring are absurd do you know someone who can hang off your house to reset your device even if i did witch i dont WHO WOULD WANT SOMEONE HANGING OFF THE SIDE OF THERE HOUSE or on ONE TALL LADDER? This should be RINGS NUMBER 1 ISSUE how to reset the device on the go 1st time down 12 months because of job transfer i was not driving across the country to RESET A DEVICE now i am on vacation 7000 miles a way for the next 3 months and its down. I am not flying 7000 miles to reset the device again USELESS. Until Ring Addresses this problem I am out no more RING PRODUCTS FOR ME nor will i recommend RING TO ANYONE THIS IS A major flaw that needs to be addressed. Offline more then its online Not working more then it is working. Very Very Disappointing

Called Ring to Ask about a water proof panic button for my mother. Ring apparently thinks very very little of our seniors as they have no wearable pendant connected to my ring alarm or no water proof PANIC BUTTONS for falls.

You would figure they would want to be beneficial an important part of seniors lives but it seems they could care less about anyone who is disabled or old.

Instead I have to spend even more money for life alert to protect my most cherished my SENIOR PARENTS no thanks to RING