Ring sharing data with Facebook and Google without customer knowledge and permission

this was reported on the BBC website today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51281476

Turns out, Ring has been sharing personal data with thinrd party companies such as Facebook and Google. This data ranges from email address, IP addresses, time zones, full names, addresses, etc. this is still being invetigated by the EFF.

I mean what on earth?! I am a ring user because I want to know who comes in and out of MY home, not for this or my personal data to be shared with third party companies. This is a complete breach of data.

As a customer, I want this data sharing to be stopped ASAP or I and many other ring users will stop using your services.

Keen to know what Ring/ Amazon will come back with.

Hi @drubio,

First and foremost, we want to remind you that at Ring, privacy is foundational - and guides every decision we make.

Like many companies, Ring uses third-party service providers to understand the use of our mobile app, which helps us improve features, optimize your customer experience, and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing. We care deeply about providing our neighbors with the best possible experience and leverage these tools to help us do so.

We want to ensure you that these service providers’ use of the data provided is contractually limited to appropriate purposes, such as performing these services on our behalf, and not for other purposes. Ring is not in the business of selling customer information.

For more information, please reference our Privacy Notice on Ring.com/privacy.

Thank you,


STOP SHARING OUR DATA. There is no realistic and or reliable way to “share” our data. You have no control after it leaves your facility.

Your lies about “privacy is foundational - and guides every decision we make” does not cut it.

Are you making money selling out data?

At first I believed that the customer did not change passwords, Now I believe her and thing the Ring product has some serious flaws.

Please fix this


This is a template reply I have seen before. Your privacy policy is not specific enough and does not detail or justify why you are sharing our data with such third party companies.

This needs an appropriate response from Ring!

Your privacy page says “You’re in Control”

I’d like to control my information that you share with Google and Facebook.

How do I control that ?

I act as a Data Protection Officer. I know the law about data sharing.

I was unaware of any sharing with the evil Facebook corp (i don’t have an account and nor should you) or anyone else.

I will be requesting a DSAR in the morning and so should you if you live in the EU. As part of the DSAR Ring will be forced to disclose who they share data with.

I am sick and tired of big US corps thinking they can use our data under any excuse.

If you are a lawyer and want to test Article 82 of the GDPR then contact me.

If you want to ensure that you are not the product when you buy an expensive cam then ask for a Subject Access Request under Article 15 of the GDPR and article 45 (chapter 3) of the UKs Data Protection Act 2018. From this you will see what they have on us.

We BUY your product. We are not THE product.