Ring Server IP Range for Whitelisting

Hello, I’d like to perform a security lockdown on all of my Ring devices (Base Station & Security Cams) and only allow Ring Servers (where video footages are uploaded) and ports & protocols (as described in Help Center) to go through my firewall. However, I will need the IP list of Ring Servers for whitelisting purposes. Can you help please?

Ring doesn’t provide that information.
Be sure to keep any access to ring.com and ring.solutions open. There are likely others that you should be able to find in your firewall logs.

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Hi, thanks. Yes, though that’s quite tedious but should work too. I did lookup my FW logs and it seem the IPs belongs to AWS. I found the AWS JSON file (contains list of subnets used by AWS) that is publicly available and did cross-checked and yes the IPs belongs to networks described in JSON file. Did some filter to extract just the subnets and turns out I got around 6k subnets. My FW can’t handle it. :frowning:

For me it’d be nice to be able to fine tune my home firewall, but truth be told, I’m just too lazy and don’t want to have to manage it. My work one is more than enough for my brain to handle.

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