Ring sending notifications when unplugged/charging.

My ring uses battery power (not hard-wired), and I unplugged it today to charge the battery. Since unplugging it, I’ve been getting motion notifications every five or so minutes, despite the device being on… Not really sure what to do besides turn off notifications for the moment, but that doesn’t seem like it addresses whatever the root of the problem is.


I am having the same problems.

My Ring Pro has been acting up today. FAlse Notifications for motion and rings

Me too. Constant notifications when there’s nothing there. I’ve got it on charge now though I only charged it last week

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All of my Ring , doorbell and security , and spotlights etc going off continuously. I’m in UK , keeps waking my little girl up . Absolute nightmare

Most likely a part of this ongoing issue. Everyone. Check the Ring status first. They are having issues today. Always check it first.
You can see it here.


Reading the status , doesn’t help much , doesn’t say much. Just want it fixed .

Well, they’re working on it. Sometimes things break. Sometimes no one is happy too…