When I do a base station siren test, the Dome siren does not sound together with it. Does it only work with an actual real alarm?

Glad you asked @JP68! The Base Station siren test is specific to that device and so other sirens you might have setup, will not sound. This is intended so that you can individually test that siren.

For testing the Dome Siren specifically, you can test your Dome Siren by navigating to the device’s details page in your Ring app and tapping the Test Siren tile. Once you are visiting the Dome Siren’s page in the Ring app specifically, you should see this option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. So if the regular base station alarm sounds (not the test) the dome siren will sound also at the same time?

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You got it @JP68! That is correct :slight_smile:

Thanks! I tested it myself.

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