Ring Security Plus bundle question

Hi there. I have Blink Cameras. I’ll be moving to my new home soon and purchased the Ring Alarm system (which I’ll be wanting to sync it with fire and PD)… and I intend to upgrade to newest Ring doorbell camera.

Now, I see the Ring Security Plus plan is $100 p.i.f. for the year to get these two bundled … But what about regular Ring outdoor cameras? If I purchase those to replace my Blinks, will those be able to be bundled as well for the same price of $100 year?

Thanks !

Hey @FeliceDestiny. Happy to help clear this up! The $100 Ring Protect Plus Plan for a year is the offer for all neighbors who wish to set up the plan on a yearly renewal > a month to month basis of $10 a month. To see the full breakdown of the Plus Plan ($100 a yr Protect Plus Plan) over the Basic Plan ($30 a year Protect Basic Plan), you can see the comparison in our Help Center Article here.

What this means is that since you’re getting the $100 Protect Plus Plan for a year, this includes the Professional Monitoring you are looking for from the Security System, as well as video storage for all devices on the location with that plan. In detail, you will be able to have all Doorbells, Cameras, and the Security System connected to one address covered. Therefore, you will only need to purchase this one plan for the whole year, and anything you set up on that address will be covered!