Ring Retrofit with DSC PC 1616

I have DSC PC 1616 board which i pay $17 a month for monitoring with no mobile app, all sensors including motion is hardwired, i like to reduce monitoring cost by ring monitoring and be able to use mobile app. I have Ring outdoor cameras and video doorbell 3, so can i use the retrofit kit and base station with 2 key pad or do i have to also buy sensors? I do want to add smoke and carbon monoxide detector as well. I also have siren in the house and one in the attic for outside sound. Please provide me detail if this can be done.

Hi @Al. The Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit should be considered if you previously had a wired alarm system in your home. This Help Center article here is a great resource for information on the Retrofit Kit. In simple terms, the Ring Alarm system is the main part of your alarm and the Retrofit Kit is an add on that allows you to use your pre-existing wires zones. The Ring Alarm is modular, in the sense that your can add devices/sensors to your system as needed. I hope this information helps!