Ring Protect Plus |trial

I have a Ring Pro, purchased from Costco, almost a year ago which entitled me to a free year of Protect Plus. I have just installed a second Ring which has a 30 day trial which will expire around the same time as the first free trial. If I do nothing, will my inital year long trial revert to a paid for service and cover both my Ring products? If I wanted to revert to Ring Protect basic and have one for each Ring device, how do I cancel the free Ring Protect Plus which is still in trial mode?

Hi @Fumbledore. You’ll need to sign up for the Ring Protect Basic or Plus plan once your trial expires. You can find more information on the plans in our Help Center Article here, including information on how to subscribe. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you Caitlyn. My main concern is that the Costco year long free trial will automatically convert into a paid version. With only 2 doorbells, the basic subscription on each of the devices would make better cost sense. Will I get some form of communication before the trial expires?