Ring Protect Plus - Smoke Sensor

I have a whole home wired smoke alarm system in a pretty large house. I’m concerned because I would say the smoke alarm goes off maybe bi-weekly with kids cooking/etc. Is there a way in Ring Protect Plus to leave just the smoke alarm off of alerting/monitoring? My thought is I would want to know via the app but, nothing more. I would however want the professional monitoring for burglary and such. The single call thing dosn’t work as I never know which kid is going to be home to make them the first call.

Hi there, @horric29! When receiving many false alarms due to smoke, the best step is to consider distance to the kitchen. As mentioned in our help center article placing a smoke detector with a Smoke & CO Listener in the kitchen close to the stove/oven can cause false alarms.

When a location is registered for professional monitoring, anything added to the Alarm system is then also included in monitoring. An alternative for family members who might be triggering the Smoke/ Co listener is to add them as Shared or Guest Users. This way they can use the Keypad to disarm if needed. Find more about Users and Roles, here. Adding people in the household as emergency contacts is always a good step as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: