Ring Protect Plus Service Cancelled Due to Change of Address

I recently had a bad experience with my Ring products and Protect Plus. Last month I moved to a new home and took my spotlight cams with me to install at my new home. Yesterday I finally got around to updating the wifi connection, activating the cameras again and installing them. After doing this, I was trying to access the history but it said my Ring Protect plan expired. I knew this wasn’t correct because I purchased a one-year subscription on 12/18/19, so I should have had another two months of service. I called the support desk and I was informed that my Ring Protect did not cover me at a new address. This is ridiculous - I purchased monitoring for my cameras and not my address. Ring is not ADT - these are mobile devices and I should not pay to have the service at a new address if I am using the same equipment. So, the agent told me that she couldn’t refund me because I only had two months left on my contract but that the last two months were free. Free? I paid for a year subscription, not a 10-month subscription. At the end of the discussion, the agent spoke to her supervisor and was ble to get me a 2-month Ring Protect Trial to replace the two months I was losing. This is not about the agent, but about my confusion with the products and services. I mean, aren’t my cameras supposed to be able to go with me everywhere? If I move, why would those cameras not be covered and why would you have to cancel my subscription to Ring Protect? And finally, when did a one-year service plan become 10 months of a service plan? I will continue to use the cameras and am glad to have another two months to determine if this is the wireless service I want to protect me since they certainly have missed the mark in how they protect their wireless equipment and provide service to their customers. I am really disappointed Ring!

Hi @GreytMom. I’d be happy to try and explain how our Ring Protect plans are billed and applied as this should clear up any confusion. Ring Protect Plus subscriptions are per location, while Ring Protect Basic subscriptions are per individual device. If you moved and set up a new location, you would then have to cancel your plan and set up a new one at your new location. Additionally, our yearly subscriptions are priced in such a way that you receive 2 months for free. With the Ring Protect Plus plan, it is normally $10 a month but you pay $100 for the yearly subscription so 2 months of the year are free. You can read more about the plans in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Caitlyn. As I mentioned, I am clear in understanding what the agent explained to me yesterday but it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t think I have any subscriptions that are one-year subscriptions but they are really for 10 months. The advantage of buying a year is you should get a cheaper price than the individual months - it is not a “freebie”. I also find it odd that your basic program is more flexible in that it covers the device. I would expect that your more robust offering would have that capability too. You are not monitoring for me - I just want my history. But I have to cancel my one-year subscription at 10 months because I moved. I appreciate you getting back to me so soon - just seems like an opportunity to think about the customer experience on this example.

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