Ring Protect plan without monitoring

Is it possible to subscribe to the Ring protect ($100/year) without the professional monitoring option?

Right now all I want is the cloud space to be able to view my cameras; I’m not wanting to have the alarm monitored yet.

Great question @jkyoung ! You most certainly can subscribe to the Protect Plus Plan without having the Alarm professionally monitored. Simply select self monitoring in the app for your Alarm and it will not be professionally monitored, but you will of course still have the recording benefit of that plan for your other devices.

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Are you sure? Can anyone confirm?

I just got off the phone with ring support. I asked if I do the pro plan. Can I turn off or disable profesional monitoring any time I want. I was told no once its paid for its on 24/7 untill I cancel the plan.

I’m comfortable with self monitoting my alarm. I only want profesional monitoring when I know I will be away for extended periods. But not for everyday use.

The pro plan is a much better option since I alaso have one ring camera and plan to add more

Sorry to hear you received another answer in regards to self monitoring with a Protect Plus Plan. Check out our help center article regarding Professional Monitoring, the bottom portion further explains how to switch between modes anytime. You can certainly do this with a Protect Plus plan.

I’ll additionally ensure that our support teams review this information to avoid any future confusion. Hope this helps :slight_smile: