Ring Pros Bricked on or after October 17th.

I know of 3 people that have had their Ring Pro that they purchased over a year suddenly stop working around the 18th. I was out of town so I didn’t notice it until last week. I would suggest everyone that has a Ring Pro check it to verify it is still working correctly. At this point I am assuming that Ring pushed a firmware that bricked at least older Ring Pros. If this did happen to you I would suggest to call support. They are very helpful.

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I purchased a refirbished ring Pro and installed it 10/24. It was working fine then died as far as connecting to the internet after running fine for 24hrs. Hmm wonder if related.


My Ring Pro went dead last week too. Power is good, but will not boot / reboot / be seen…

Hi neighbors! Definitely not normal behavior for your Ring Pro. Will you please reach out to our 24/7 support team so they can take a further look into this? Thank you!

I also had this exact same issue arise on that exact same date!

I have tried charging it via USB with no luck at all. It still just does not respond. We excessively ruled out anything with our wiring and power. Not finding any help on Ring’s site. Very frustrating!