Ring Professional Monitoring service

we just bought a house that had a traditional alarm system. i will need to get the Ring retro fit kit before I can have the Ring Professional Monitoring Service. I think I would also have to purchase an additional Ring Security Kit.

Before I do this and spend the money I’m doing some research.

Just curious on what people thought of the service compared to ADT, Brinks, and local alarm companies.

Funny no one has replied yet?

All I know is my buddy was paying ~45 a month for CPI. He got ring and is very happy. He travels a lot.

Myself, I leave mine on self monitoring 50 weeks out of the year as I am around. That said I have not had any false alarms. I do not use the motion detector.

The 100 bucks gets you a warranty on all your products.

I don’t even see how to purchase the best protection plan for $100 year. Every time I try to make the purchase, I get this message:

"Once you set up a plan or trial, you’ll see it here

If you are a Shared User of a Ring Product and want Ring Protect features, ask the Device Owner to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan."

Oddly enough, I am unable to purchase the product on Ring.com and there is no customer support.