Ring product service terrible

I have Ring protect and after paying for several days we noticed our cameras were not recording and allowing playback. We called tech support, spent almost an hour on the phone only for them to say maybe it’s your internet. It’s not. We have high speed internet snd mesh whole house wifi. Magically all three cameras started showing playback as we were on the phone with them. Never an admission something was wrong or fixed on their end. Then one of our cameras started doing same thing. Acts like it’s not connected to our protect plan and only allows live view (which connects and plays fine, further indicating not wifi as they had insisted). Went to chat , spent a half hour on with Franie, only to have her tell me to login again to the app. I did nothing different, then she said to call tech support. I explained we had already done that and that I did not want to call again, to please create request for resolution. She refused saying she urges me to call tech support. I asked for manager she refused to provide any additional information and just kept repeating to call tech support. Horrible product service and reliability. Looking into Nest or Arlo. I hear they are better customer service and cheaper each month.

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Hi @Pre123. I’m sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had with your Ring devices and our support team so far. As the Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum and not a direct line to support, I can provide helpful suggestions but I’m not able to look into your account or do any in-depth troubleshooting here. In order to view previously recorded events, you will need a valid Ring Protect plan subscription. The Basic plan will cover one device while the Plus plan will cover all devices at a single location, so it’s important to know which plan you have, and you can read more about the plans in our Help Center Article here.

If you already have an active subscription in place but still cannot view previous motion events or Live Views, could you provide a bit more detail on what happens when you try to view them? Do you receive any type of error message, and if so can you share a screenshot of this? It would help me see exactly what you’re seeing on your end.