Ring Pro Worked for a minute and then offline

I set up my ring pro, I connected and was able to ring the bell and see video and everything seemed fine but then it stopped working. It worked for maybe 5 min. The App said no internet connection so I tried to reconnect but it would not. The blue ring was lit but kept blinking only on one side. The App kept saying press the orange button to enter setup mode but that would not do anything. I Tried hard resetting and even forgetting the device. Each time it came back up, cycled, and then the ring turned blue and blinked on the left side. I’m returning this and getting another one. If it does the same thing I’m not dealing with this.

I don’t own a Pro model but this is what the different flashing means. I got this from the manual. See below. Hope this helps.

I’m Having Trouble Completing the In-app Setup
If the setup fails in the Ring app, the light on the front of your Ring Doorbell
indicates the issue:
Top Flashing White – Your Wi-Fi password was entered incorrectly.
Select your Wi-Fi network in your phone settings, choose the
option to forget it, then connect to it again to confirm that you’re
using the correct password during setup.
Right Flashing White – Your Ring Doorbell may be too far from
your router to get a decent signal. If possible, move your Wi-Fi
router closer to your Ring Doorbell, or add a Ring Chime Pro to
boost Wi-Fi signal.
Left Flashing White – There may be an issue with your internet
connection. Unplug your modem (and Wi-Fi router, if they are
separate) for 40 seconds, then reconnect power and repeat the
setup process.
Spinning White – Your Ring Doorbell is in setup mode. Follow the
instructions in the Ring app to continue.
Nothing – If the front light never turns on, check that the terminals
on the back of your Ring Doorbell are connected to your doorbell
wires and that your doorbell system meets the necessary power
requirements (16 volts AC at 30 VA). For more information, see
“I’ve Installed my Ring, But it Won’t Turn On” in this section.

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