Ring Pro with cat 5 cable and Pro Power Kit V2

I was researching online and ended up borrowin a diagram from someone else in another thread. I made some notes to fit my situation. I have attached it here. My doorbell is wired with CAT 5 wire and I removed my Ring Pro to install an angled spacer. When I went to reinstall the doorbell, it was dead. I can hook it directly up to power and it works, so I’m confident it isnt the doorbell. I have no chime, just a 16VAC/30VA Transformer that I purchased. The electrician had the house power connected to the transformer, then the Ring Pro Power Kit connected to the the two terminals of the transformer along with the two cat5 wires from the doorbell. I’m not sure if that is right. Any direction would be appreciated.

Hey @revillalta. After escalating this up for some further review with my advanced support, they made a couple suggestions for you. It does seem like the gauge of the wire on Cat5 is too small, so you will need to double up each connection to your transformer, Pro Power Kit, and Doorbell. This will look in a way so that each terminal screw will need to have at least two wires attached to it.

If needed, you can reach out to our support team over the phone to get in touch with an advanced agent like I have here, and they will be able to help you with more wiring support with your specific setup in a more timely manner!