Ring Pro will not connect to TP-Link Archer AX3000

I have rant through the setup on Android and Apple, configured both 2.4 and 5.0, turned off the firewall security in the router, the signal is full bars when connections the device, I’ve setup a guest network with basic password and security, but the Ring Pro Doorbell will not connect. It flashes white to the left each time. The internet works on every other device and I can even see it showing its connected on my router but it will not work. I noticed the topics on the Tp-Link mesh router but this is not a mesh network device.

Even weirder is that I can turn in the wireless on my basic AT&T modem/router and the connection works without issues but I don’t want to have that wireless AP running. This device should work with a modern router like the AX3000. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not that the issue I found was also with aTp-Link router but a mesh setup. I’d like someone to look into this as to why these devices don’t work with some modern routers. I don’t want this thing if I’ve got to leave my old AP up to connect it…

Hey @khmote. Normally setting up the guest network with a simple Wifi SSID and password, no advanced settings enabled and just standard 2.4 Ghz should be what you need to do to get it connected! Although, since it doesn’t seem to want to connect still, you may need to do some deeper dive into the settings on your router. On Archer routers, they often will have WMM settings enabled by default (wifi multimedia) or heightened firewalls. I recommend to lower your firewall settings, and check out our ports and protocols help article here, which will help you isolate when you need to on your router. From there, try to setup and see if it works!

I tried to install 2 Ring SetUp Cams /battery) and I could not get i working with TP-Link Archer MR600. I changed router to a D-link DWR-953 and it worked perfectly. Most probably TP-link shares it’s internal software between its models. (My TP-link router worked with my other 15 devices).