Ring Pro Unreliable

I purchased Ring Pro and had it installed by an electrician to work with my mechanical doorbell. Had problem where doorbell would chime on it’s own from time to time. Bought a new transformer and had electrician back. Ring worked for a few days but then I was unable to use LIVE function of camera. Called support. Spent an hour on the phone fixing firmware and reinstalling doorbell. I continue to have intermittent problems. Works fine for awhile. Then I get Low Voltage message. Then it works again. When voltage is low it’s 3440. When it works number is 4019 - 4150. RSSI is -50. Internet speed is 60 - 100 mbps. Router is 12 feet from doorbell.

I have invested countless hours and almost $200 beyond the cost of the Ring Pro trying to get it up and running. This message is my last ditch effort before I rip it out. I will not be putting any more money into this process to pay an electrician or purchase a ring chime.

I am sadened and surprised to hear this. I just installed my ring doorbell pro literally minutes ago. I purchased a new indoor mechanical door bell from Wal-Mart for $28 and installed the app on my Android Samsung S9 smart phone. As of this minute, all functions of the ring doorbell pro are working. It was very simple and trouble free. I don’t know where the difficulty from your ring doorbell pro could be coming from but mine is working fine the first time. I wish you better success with your efforts to get this working correctly.

I hope you have better luck than I did. My Ring Doorbell Pro initially worked fine. Then a few days later problems started. First the phantom doorbell chime rings. Then not being able to use the Live function, which is where I am now. Sometimes it works perfectly, and at other times I cannot see anything in the Live function.

Hey @RingUser55555! It certainly sounds like your resources are sufficient for operation, as the RSSI and power readings look good. In this case, I recommend removing the Ring app, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the app. This will ensure the app is integrated optimally with your mobile device as well as check for updates. It’s always good to test live view with your phone connected to wifi only and data only, to see if one is more efficient. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: